Check out our Programming Partners


Dublab is a non-profit web radio collective devoted to the growth of positive music, arts, and culture.

FYF Fest

FYF Fest produces  shows throughout the year at various locations including Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock. Along with these shows, they also produce the FYF Festival every labor day weekend for the last seven years.

Low End Theory

Low End Theory is every Wednesday at The Airliner. With the resident DJs Nobody, D-Styles, Gaslamp Killer, and Daddy Kev.

Kingsize Sound Lab

Kingsize Sound Lab is the birthplace of some of alternative music’s finest recordings over the past 15 years.  Since it’s humble beginnings as a ½” 16 track project studio in Chicago’s Wicker Park area back in the early 90’s to it’s new home of the last 5 years in Los Angeles Silverlake area, Dave’s goal has always been to provide a comfortable, well equipped and affordable workspace for musicians. You won’t find the sterile uncreative atmosphere a lot of  top-of -the-line studios are plagued with. Also, Kingsize Soundlabs is filled with the gear and instruments needed to make a modern record.

The Ship Studios

The Ship Studio is located in Eagle Rock and has been home to Earlimart, Pine Marten, Great Northern and Panty Lions since 2000. Many others have recorded here as well, Irving, Silversun Pickups, Grandady, Folk Implosion, The Breeders, Devises, The Meeting Places, Wonderground and so on.

Razorcake is a nonprofit organization that publishes the Razorcake fanzine, a DIY punk rock fanzine published bi-monthly out of Los Angeles, California.

Zocaloc Productions was founded and organized by Graffiti Artist ShanduOne (Hector Calderon) of L A Bombsquad (Labs) and Los Angeles-born artist Peter E. Carrillo, known for his reconstruction of the Mental Menudo Artist collective. Both ShanduOne and Peter E Carrillo have been a vital influence in the North East Los Angeles, East Los Angeles and Los Angeles areas art and music movement. Zocaloc Productions have played a important role in sponsoring new upcoming artists through art exhibitions and showcasing local L A Bands through live musical performances.

The mission of KOXY is to provide the Occidental College student body with a creative media outlet. KOXY’s diverse programming provides students and community members with individualized entertainment for social, educational, or professional interests. This also reflects the diversity of the student body and surrounding community as per the mission and goals of the college at large. Check out what we’re listening to/what we’re planning/what goodies we have via our various social media pages:


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